More Collectors

The Somerfield Group, UK, tells us about Harriet Crosse from Bristol. Harriet has amessed 2459 plastic carrier bags in her kitchen. Therfore she picked up the title Queen Of The Old Bags.

Carol Vaughan from Birmingham, UK, boasts 5000 carrier bags and wants to be cremated with them when she dies. She is affectionately known as The Old Bag.

Peter Madle is collecting everything related to cars. In this context he owns over 400 automotive bags.

The Ommer Company in Lindlar, Germany, reports on Gerd Mittendorf from Radevormwald, Germany. He has collected over 70,000 plastic bags. (Follow the link to "Taschensammler".)

Probably the most outstanding collector is Heinz Schmidt-Bachem. He owns over 150,000 bags. He even wrote a book about the history of bags. You will find related links on the German Version of this site.

Industry is the address of the Film And Bag Federation. There you will find the Great Moments in Plastic Bag History.

Arts and Handcrafts

Thitz is a contemporary German artist who puts plastic bags in the center of his works.

And the Plastic Bag Lady Paula Chavis is using plastic bags as basic material for her nice and curious handcrafts.

Related Collections

There are also other types of bags collected. For example Carolien van Kesteren is collecting tea bags.

And at Rune's Barf Bag Collection you can see lots of air sickness bags.

Miscellaneous is regarding collecting plastic bags as the hottest hobby of the century!

More Links

You will find more links to other collectors, exhibitions, books, periodicals, TV and producers on the German Version of this site.