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Friends of plastic bags! Collectors! Lovers! Users! Here it is: The site for which you have waited a long time! The world's first and only


(Version 2.0)

The time has come to share my extensive collection of plastic bags with the general public. It would be irresponsible to hide those fascinating treasures I gathered all over the world from the public's eye. May the whole world will enjoy my collection!

Welcome to a fascinating journey across the world of plastic bags:

If you like this homepage, you should send an e-mail. I 'm loking forward to all kind of suggestions and commendation. But more than that I would like to receive new plastic bags from all over the world. As a sign of my gratitude you will have a guided tour thru my archives where all my wonderful bags might be discovered.

And if you don't like this homepage at all, you can flame on me.

You are not alone. Already counter visitors enjoyed the English version of this homepage. That's not much, I know. And there would be more hits if you would read such words like sex, porno oder fuck. Because according to the German computer magazine c't (#13, 11-10-97) those keywords are the mostly asked for items on the search engines.

and now for something completely different